5 Moving Tips from Alana and John

February 23, 2021

Moving can be both exciting and stressful. John, owner of Brawny Movers here in London, and Alana Wakeman from the Forest & Bridge Real Estate Group, share their top 5 tips to make your move go smoothly.

1. Declutter and purge BEFORE you move (and BEFORE you even list your home)

You want your home to be in the best condition possible when potential Buyers walk through, and one of the easiest ways to do this is through decluttering. Alana advises to start packing before you even put your house on the market – if you’re moving anyways, you’re getting a head start. In boxing up things like off season clothing, sentimental keepsakes and any other items not generally needed on a day to day basis, you’re helping to showcase your home’s potential. John adds to purge before you move, because “it doesn’t make any sense to move things you’re just going to throw out anyways.”

2. Label the sides of your boxes

“If you only label the top, we’re probably going to carry more than one box for you, and it’s a lot easier to see a sticker on the side and then put it into that colour coded room for you,” says John. This will make your life easier when unpacking if the box is already in the correct space, and if you go one step further and list the items in the box, you’ll know which ones are priorities to unpack and which ones can wait.

3. Don’t expect your keys until late in the day

This is one of John’s top tips (and biggest pet peeves). If you’re purchasing a home, well-intentioned lawyers and Realtors will often say you’ll get your keys by the early afternoon, but in John and Alana’s experiences, that’s a rare occurrence. Plan to get your keys between 4-5 pm and you won’t face disappointment, or the added costs of movers waiting around when they’re unable to get in the house.

4. Don’t schedule your move right on closing day

Going hand in hand with tip #3, it’s even better if you can schedule your move for a completely different day than the day you get the keys. Alana suggests doing the same for any furniture deliveries, utility connections, etc. If there is a delay with getting into your new home on closing date and you have these things scheduled, not only will you be frustrated and stressing out trying to coordinate it all or re-book, but you may face additional costs.


John has seen some, uh, “interesting” things when moving beds and mattresses. It’s an overlooked spot to clean before the movers come in, but in addition to finding that lost t-shirt or book you borrowed from a friend 3 years ago, it can also save some embarrassment if there are more personal items hiding under there.

As in any situation, the best way to have a successful, stress free experience is to have knowledgeable professionals working with you. Contact Alana and John for all your buying, selling, and moving needs.

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